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Bones - The TV Series

To unravel a murder you have to strip it to the bones...

Bones the Series - news, fanfic, icons, and more
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Welcome to bones_tvseries. The community dedicated to the new FOX crime drama Bones starring David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.

"BONES is a police procedural with humor and heart – a darkly amusing series that probes the humanity behind the scientists who probe the inhumanity behind horrific crimes." -FOX.com

Please take a few moments to browse the user-info before joining and participating.

The Community

This community is the place to discuss all things Bones-related: the show, the characters, the episodes, the themes, the cast, your fanfiction etc.
This community is also the place to post any of your bones related LJ Graphics or icons that you would like to share with the livejournal community.
So far there is really no list of rules but please be sure to use an lj-cut when posting large photos, graphics, icons or any types of SPOILERS relating to the show. Also, please do not promote in this community unless it is a bones related community; and if you are promoting please only promote once.

Anything related to Bones can be posted in this community - for now. Here are some rules.
[-] Spoilers without lj-cuts or Warning
Please be sure if you are going to post anything that could be spoiler related - either pictures, episode titles, episode descriptions or articles that you put them behind an LJ cut. If you do not - you will be warned and if the post is not fixed quickly the post will be deleted. You may repost it again with an lj-cut if it is deleted.
If you do not know how to use an LJ cut than I will ask that you go HERE and take the time to read it.
[-] Rudeness
Rude, homophobic, or racist comments or any types of offensive comments will not be tolerated in this community. If you disagree with someone's opinion on their review or something that is fine but there is no need to bash them out - if it really does bother you and offends you, feel free to e-mail me at cmspillane@gmail.com. Also no unneccassy fighting will be tolerated here as well, moderators will scan the community and comments for things like that so just please don't do it.
[-] Spam
Do not post e-crap. No need for it. Your post will be deleted.
Your "squee" comments should go in the live thread posts on Wednesday nights during the episode. Therefore, one line comments like "This episode rocks!" or "OMGGG HE IS SO HOT!" should go in the live thread post. Do NOT make a new post for some types of comments. If this is confusing just look at it this way - if your post is a quick remark or observation to a specific episode that is on at the time it goes on the live thread. If it’s an idea, question, or theory that you'd feel comfortable announcing to the community and other Bones fans, go ahead and start a thread(post) for it.

Special/Exclusive Community Features
Here at bones_tvseries we have some fun extras that out members enjoy. As of right now we only have two of them - but if anybody has any ideas that they would like to share you can e-mail me at, once again, cmspillane@gmail.com
[-] The Live Thread
Every Wednesday night that a new Bones episode is playing there will be a post dedicated to the members here at the community to discuss the episode and interact. It is designed to be a place for people to go and post and squee about each episode while it's airing.
Also accompanied with the live thread there will be an AIM chat room link - if you are an AIM member you can go to this live AIM chat and talk to other fans there as well. (This may not be offered every week)
[-] The Quote Post
On the Tuesday evening before the new episode airs on Wednesday a quote post will be made where after the episode or during the episode on Wednesday you can go and contribute your favorite quotes and dialogue between the characters. We all know we love the wit we get on the show so we should remember it! Right?

The Bones TV Series Team
The creator and maintainer of this community is syxstring If you have any questions or comments about the community you can reach him at any time at his e-mail address cmspillane@gmail.com

We also have two wonderful co-mods here that help the community stay on top of things. Those two people are ren_squared and mbeancntr

Promoting the Community
Here are some promotional banners you can put in your userinfo or in a post on your livejournal to point people in the direction of this community. Just copy the code in the text box and you are all set to go!
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If you would like to be affiliated with bones_tvseries feel free to contact me at cmspillane@hotmail.com